Wouter Basson

Project Coast

Project Coast was the codename for a covert programme, established by the South African apartheid government in 1981, to develop a range of chemical and biological agents intended for use against opponents of the regime within and outside the state. This book examines the history of the project, its...

Deadly Cultures

Chemical And Biological Warfare

A thorough handbook covering the facts, history, and controversies surrounding our most controversial and misunderstood unconventional weapons. * Outstanding research aids include key Internet and published references and an index offering rapid access to entries on key figures, government agencies,...

Post-TRC Prosecutions In South Africa

This book offers the first comprehensive analysis and evaluation of criminal prosecutions required after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s amnesty process, putting the issue into a normative and practical perspective of transitional justice in South Africa.

Dr. wouter basson

Achtergronden en feiten rond het proces tegen de Zuid-Afrikaanse hartchirurg en militair dr. Wouter Basson, verdacht van medische experimenten op honderden zwarten ten behoeve van de ontwikkeling van chemische en bacteriologische wapens.

Encyclopedia Of War Crimes And Genocide

Entries address topics related to genocide, crimes against humanity and peace, and human rights violations; profile perpetrators including Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin; and discuss institutions set up to prosecute these crimes in countries around the world.


Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 24. Chapters: James W. Black, Wouter Basson, Ren Favaloro, Fernando Antonio Berm dez Arias, Rashid Massumi, Moshe Gueron, Olivier Ameisen, Antonio Fern s-Isern, Albe...

The AIDS Conspiracy

Since the early days of the AIDS epidemic, many bizarre and dangerous hypotheses have been advanced to explain the origins of the disease. In this compelling book, Nicoli Nattrass explores the social and political factors prolonging the erroneous belief that the American government manufactured the ...

Living Weapons

"Biological weapons are widely feared, yet rarely used. Biological weapons were the first weapon prohibited by an international treaty, yet the proliferation of these weapons increased after they were banned in 1972. Biological weapons are frequently called ‛the poor man’s atomic bomb,’ yet th...

Ebola, Aids, And The Biological Warfare Program To Eradicate The Black Race

During the anti-apartheid struggle, the apartheid scientists set up a secret biological and chemical warfare program known as Project Coast. Their plan included the development of top-priority bio-weapons that could kill Blacks only. The plan also included a project to create contraceptives to make ...